Do not believe that beauty is a subjective concept, and when it comes to other cultures, then some aspects of their fashion may seem completely unattractive and even disgusting? Levi online pharmacy introdecued eight strange generic medications considered attractive in different countries.

White skin, Asian countries

A few years ago, women in strange multicolored masks appeared on Chinese beaches and struck the European part of the world. These masks have been called “Face-kini,” and their main task is to protect their owners from the sun. In most Asian countries light, white skin is considered a standard of beauty and a sign of aristocracy, so many Chinese do not appear on the beach without such masks, protecting the face from the sun. Asians twist their fingers at the temple when they learn that European women specifically visit tanning beds.

Crooked teeth, Japan

A smooth white smile has long been a sign of beauty and health. But not in Japan. There at the peak of popularity is “yaeba” – the so-called tooth curve. According to the Japanese, this “decoration” gives girls a similarity with cats, thus adding to the softness and attractiveness. Although the guys also stand in line with the dentists to make themselves “yaeba.”

Scars, West Africa, New Guinea, Ethiopia

Residents of New Guinea and some African countries decorate their bodies with patterns of numerous scars. In men, scarring occurs during the initiation rite and is considered proof of strength and masculinity. The more wounds a man has, even ugly, the more attractive it is for women. Women scar the body on their own: sharp spikes, they scratch the chest, abdomen, and other sensitive places, drawing a small ornament. To keep the scars visible, the wounds are not allowed to heal. Such “tattoos” in women are considered a sign of beauty. In Papua New Guinea, men burn scars on their skin that resemble crocodile skin. For them, it is a symbol of the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Overweight, Mauritania

In Mauritania, overweight women are considered attractive and sexy. The more fat folds on the abdomen, the more likely it is for men to succeed. A beautiful bride should weigh at least a center, and excess weight is considered a sign of prosperity and wealth. Girls begin to be fed since childhood; the caloric content of their daily diet can be 16 thousand kcal per day, while the standard daily rate is about 1500 kcal. Because of this, many girls have stomach problems.

Bandaged feet, China

In 10-11 centuries in China, girls were bandaged their feet so that the foot would not grow larger than a certain size, the so-called “lotus legs.” The procedure is very painful; the girls broke the front part of the foot and very tightly bandaged. It was believed that the small leg is an indicator of high social status. Over time, this phenomenon has grown into a common standard of beauty in China. Fortunately, China has no longer followed this tradition since the 1940s, although there are older women who still bandage their feet.

Stretched neck, East Burma

The country of “female giraffes” is called the Padaung tribe in East Burma. Local women wear brass rings around their necks because it is considered the longer the neck – the more beautiful. According to legend, these rings protect women from tigers, but in reality, the custom of wearing them helps to preserve tribal identity. Stretched lips. Ethiopia And in the Morsi tribe, which lived in Ethiopia, girls stretch their lips with special discs. The bigger the disc, the higher the social status of the girl, and the greater the ransom should be given for her before the wedding.