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We would like to announce that Be Light Ministries has pledged its support to Got Your Back Network!  Be Light Ministries is an organization that focuses on outreach projects and is committed to making an impact on families and communities through our services and different  programs. Through our market place, “A Nomad’s Treasure”, we provide different products that showcase goods and wellness services that are meant to provide solutions for others while helping us raise funds for the organization.

One of our treasures is Moringa Olifeara- It is a subtropical plant that is widely called the miracle tree not only for the amazing nutritional and healing properties found in the entire plant, but also because every part of the plant can be used and consumed.

We are excited to help support Got Your Back Network Mission’s to assist families from the fallen soldiers through some of the proceeds of our Moringa Leave Powders products.  Thank Your for your support which allows us to service others. For more information go to: