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Board Members Shana Smith and Ali Koppel have signed up to run this years San Diego Color Run to raise funds and awareness for families of our fallen.  This will be each of their first official ‘races’ however this one is more about fun than time.  If you haven’t seen pictures or heard about a Color Run you are in for a treat; basically as you run people stop you and douse you with color.  You start in the race requirement of all white however by the end you look as though you lost the fight with Sherwin Williams!   
The Got Your Back team looking for teammates to run with us who are passionate about the cause and want to have A LOT of fun!  Please sign up to run with us or, if you can’t please consider a monetary donation to support Got Your Back and our mission.

If you would like to donate towards Shana and Ali’s run and support their efforts for families of our fallen please click HERE.