Jane is CEO if Know Agency, a full-service internet marketing agency. Her team of top quality specialists produce digital marketing websites, social media, SEO, and paid search for national and world-wide organizations.

Not only a successful business woman, Jane is a military wife of EMCM(SW) Dean Phelps, who recently retired after 30 years of honorable service. Each of her children also are connected to the military including three son-in-laws who all have or are serving in the Marines, a son who served in the Navy, and a daughter who is a 2012 graduate of the United States Naval Academy and currently an Officer in the US Navy. Jane has one more daughter left in High School and then will become an empty nester. Her obvious passion and devotion to the military cannot be deeper.

Jane does a large amount of volunteer work, either through Know Agency or by personal works for charities devoted to military and animals. In her spare time, she can be found loving on her multiple and ever growing grandchildren, attending her daughter’s sporting activities, or riding her horses.


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