A coalition of local and national patriots will be joining Got Your Back Network in launching a patriotic campaign called “Return the Salute” that will support our local military communities through events, charitable support, and many other initiatives to help. Our active duty, veteran, and Gold Star families have given their all for us and it’s our turn to return the salute to them.

The magnitude of mayhem and tragedy in Afghanistan has ripple effects that are impacting our active-duty military, veterans, and Gold Star community members. Over the last few weeks, we have heard from many military families. The overwhelming feeling of renewed grief, blended with anger, is unmistakable. “Return the Salute” is our community’s opportunity to let the men and women who have given so much for us know that they are not alone.

We as Americans can’t lose sight of the sacrifice made by thousands of our military members killed during this 20-year conflict, nor those service members who continue to face the aftermath of that service here at home or abroad.

Millions of hearts broke when the American flag was removed at the embassy in Kabul. But Americans are resilient, and we can heal those hearts if we step forward now.

We challenge you to hang your American flag to show that we continue to stand together in American solidarity! We need to #waveitforward as brothers and sisters like we did after 9/11 and wave that beautiful American symbol that told the rest of the world we are strong and united. We, as a nation, let our flags be our voice! During this time there were no party lines, debates, sides, or walls of bureaucracy. There was not a house, business, school, church, car, motorcycle or building that did not have an American flag waving on it.

Please post a picture of how you wave your flag to your Facebook page, Twitter, or other social media outlet and let everyone know that you are a part of the “Return the Salute” initiative – and make sure to hashtag #WaveItForward.

The American spirit cannot die.

So, join us as a nation and forever “Return the Salute”. As our beloved Gold Star wife, Jane Horton, wife Army Sniper SPC Christopher Horton recently stated, “My husband did not die, for the RED or for the BLUE or for the WHITE, but he died for America as a whole and we have to find what brings us together instead of what separates us as a nation. “

For more information on upcoming events supporting our military and Gold Star families email [email protected].